Influencing Government Stakeholders

WCS provides technical and expert information to the Vietnamese Government on factors relating to illegal wildlife trade issues. WCS undertakes projects which inform and educate politicians and government officials of the associated issues with the illegal wildlife trade.

Through this work, high level government officials are in a position to make well informed decisions on government policy, resourcing and legislation to enable more effective action targeting the illegal wildlife trade. 

Workshop with National Assembly members on illegal wildlife trafficking - March 2017

Government Briefings:

  • WCS holds events with high level Government members to promote awareness of illegal wildlife trade issues. This builds capacity and awareness amongst government officials with the power to influence illegal wildlife trade policy. 
  • In March 2017 WCS organised a workshop and field visit for 45 Viet Nam National Assembly members. The workshops focussed on providing information to the National Assembly members regarding the causes, impacts and the efforts already in place regarding illegal wildlife trade. The National Assembly is Viet Nam’s legislative body and by providing members additional information it can allow members at the highest level to improve Government policy and oversight.
  • WCS also circulates news reports to government officials to ensure they are aware of ongoing instances of illegal wildlife trafficking.


Viet Nam Wildlife Enforcement Network (VN WEN)

  • The VN WEN is an inter-agency initiative to counter illegal wildlife trafficking in Viet Nam. It allows collaboration and information sharing amongst a number of government agencies which have a regulatory role.
  • Since the induction of the VN WEN in 2015 WCS has played an integral part of promoting accountability and inter-agency collaboration through this network. WCS has helped develop annual workplans to target specific outcomes and organised field trips to illegal trade hotspots including to neighbouring markets such as China, Cambodia and Laos

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