International Operations

WCS provides technical and expert information to the Vietnamese Government on factors relating to illegal wildlife trade issues. WCS undertakes projects which inform and educate politicians and government officials of the associated issues with the illegal wildlife trade. Through this technique high level government officials are in a position to make well informed decisions on government policy, resourcing and legislation to enable more effective action targeting the illegal wildlife trade. WCS has strong well respected relationships with the Vietnamese government and international organisations and governments which enable us to be an effective coordinator of international events and multinational cooperation.

Key Work:

CITES training for members of the Vietnam Wildlife Enforcement Network - December 2016.

Supporting Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES):

●      WCS has an employee seconded to the CITES management authority of Vietnam to provide technical expertise in relation to wildlife trafficking issues. This staff member is able to promote awareness of on the ground activities to help CITES in their day to day work.

●      The CITES management authority in Vietnam is responsible for the issuance of permits allowing the movement of wildlife species listed in Appendix I and II of the convention. WCS’s capacity building with the CITES management authority allows them to conduct more thorough background research prior to allowing the movement of endangered species.

Multilateral meeting on transnational crime hosted by WCS - November 2015

Promoting multinational cooperation:

●      Vietnam is seen not only as a major market for illegal wildlife products but a major transit hub for the movement of these products throughout Asia particularly to China. A large amount of product that enters Vietnam has been sourced from other countries in Asia or Africa. WCS focuses on establishing and promoting multinational cooperation in order to target all areas of the supply chain.

●      Throughout 2016 and 2017 WCS worked closely alongside the Vietnamese Government to send high level delegations of Vietnamese Government representatives to Mozambique to agree a multilateral plan to combat illegal wildlife trade. This involved working very closely with the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security (MPS), the Supreme People's Procuracy (SPP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to successfully coordinate. 

●      Because of the meetings organised by WCS both the governments of Vietnam and Mozambique have agreed to work towards a Cooperation Agreement and are in the process of developing a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty to strengthen the legal framework for law enforcement co-operation between Vietnam and Mozambique.

●      Since 2008 WCS Vietnam has also worked to build commitment and capacity with local authorities between Vietnam and China, and Vietnam and Laos. This has involved multinational training as well as targeted efforts to increase cooperation between organisations such as CITES between these countries.

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