Our work

Wildlife trafficking is driving our Earth’s most iconic species towards extinction. Wildlife trafficking also fuels corruption, insecurity, and funds militias and terrorists, jeopardizing local livelihoods and undermining national development strategies. Ending wildlife trafficking is an urgent conservation, security and development priority. 

A rapidly growing middle to high income sector across Asia has led to higher demand of wildlife and wildlife products and an increase in poaching and wildlife trafficking. 

WCS Viet Nam focusing on enhancing the law enforcement capacity of Vietnamese authorities and improving the legal framework to fight wildlife crimes. We prioritize different key areas of work which can impact all levels of the wildlife illegal trade network in Viet Nam and eventually lead to the arrest and successful prosecution of wildlife criminals 

  • We improve capacity for intelligence-led law enforcement by embedding the necessary expertise within the mandated enforcement authority or institution. 
  • We collect and analyze intelligence on criminal wildlife networks. 
  • We promote international and inter-departmental cooperation to tackle illegal wildlife trade issues.
  • We raise the profile and priority of wildlife through working with and influencing government stakeholders to make well informed decisions on policy, resourcing and legislation.
  • We partner with other One Health partners to conduct research to inform interventions and policy towards enabling more effective action targeting the illegal wildlife trade and mitigation of pandemic threats. 
  • We has also recently expanded its areas of work to species conservation, with focus on finding and restoring te population of hgiant softshell turtle (Rafetus swinhoei).

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